Christmas Day Shootings: Mom and 2 Kids Killed

Anon| On Christmas Day, a shooting occurred in Phoenix, Arizona, that is drawing more media attention than many other shootings. According to USA Today:

A woman and her two children were killed and a police officer was injured in Christmas Day shootings at a Phoenix apartment complex, police said.

A man who had a relationship with the woman was taken into custody after a hours-long standoff Monday night after exchanging gunfire with officers, a Phoenix police spokesman said. The man did not appear to be injured.

The woman’s body was found outside an apartment at Highland Apartments. The two children, approximately 10 months and 11 years old, were found dead inside, said Sgt. Jonathan Howard, a Phoenix police spokesman. All three were shot, Howard said.

However, why is this blowing up in the media? The media doesn’t care to recognize murders that happen in ghetto areas, in places where gun control is already largely a thing.

In California, the gun laws are significantly more strict than in other US places. When you mix California’s popping culture of gangs and drugs with the stricter gun laws, you get this: a lot of innocent victims who aren’t legally allowed to own guns.


A couple months ago, a school shooting in Northern California made international headlines. You know what didn’t make international headlines?

The shootings that happen on a weekly basis in neighborhoods such asDel Paso Heights or North Highlands, in Sacramento County not far from the school shooting. Earlier this year, a cop was shot in the face in broad daylight at a Sacramento train station: didn’t make the news, didn’t fit the gun control agenda.

You know what does make the news in Northern California, but not quite international headlines? Shootings in San Francisco that occur just outside the bad neighborhoods such as Hunter’s Point/Bayview or the Filmore.

A shooting of 4 black males occurred in a more affluent neighborhood, Hayes Valley, so it made headlines a couple years ago. However, the annual tally of murders in East Oakland are hardly newsworthy.

People must see a much larger perspective to properly evaluate what they should fear and not fear.

Go to Texas, and you’ll notice ordinary people don’t get robbed or shot very often: probably because when robberies are attempted, like this oneat a Popeyes Chicken recently in San Antonio, the robbers get shot.