DNC Leader Keith Ellison Endorses Terror Group Antifa in Order to “Strike Fear” Against Trump

Kirsters Baish| In a recent shocking revelation, Democratic National Committee Deputy Chair Keith Ellison has come out to endorse the extremist leftist movement which is widely recognized as a domestic terrorist group, Antifa. He has posted a photo of himself holding a book which recommends that individuals should commit violent crimes against the state. No, this is not a sick joke. This is the reality of the America that we are living in.

The DNC Deputy Chair posted the image of himself holding the terrorism promoting book via his Twitter account. The book is entitled “Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook,” by Mark Bray. The book contains chapters on justifications of why people join Antifa and is recognized around the country as a call to arms.


The group known as Antifa prides themselves on being an “anti-fascism” group, however their anti-police and far-left beliefs have proven to use violence against authority in order to achieve their goals of establishing a Marxist-oriented American society. Within the United States, large groups of Antifa members began a riot at one of Milo Yiannopoulos’s speaking events. This event was taking place at the University of California, Berkeley in February of 2017. Antifa members set fires and vandalized multiple local businesses.

The organization, which can only be described as loosely-knit, has made a name for themselves after shutting down speaking events at public colleges, harassing Trump-supporters, blockading railroads, and starting riots around the country.

The Daily Caller reported that the book is written by a Dartmouth College professor by the name of Mark Bray. Bray claims that “militant anti-fascism is a reasonable, historically informed response to the fascist threat that persisted after 1945 and that has become especially menacing in recent years.”

Bray argues that committing acts of violence is totally acceptable when it is done in opposition to perceived “fascism.” He backs this up by claiming that “fascist idea” like conservative and classically liberal values like freedom of speech, which are endorsed by people like Milo, are not worth any discussion or debate.


Bray has gone on record in the past arguing that Antifa has to strike against “fascists” because “fascism cannot be defended by speech.”

Below is an extract from Bray’s book. It claims that a popular uprising has been brought on by Antifa advocates and will “necessitate violent confrontation with state forces.”

Bray’s book also provides historical arguments which back up the ridiculous movement.