Just In: Watch Them Get Booed Off The Field!

Kirsters Baish| Thursday evening was an interesting one for members of the Stanford University marching band. They were booed by the crowd at the Valero Alamo Bowl held in San Antonio after their halftime show which not only mocked President Trump, but the entire state of Texas.

KSAT-TV reported that the band felt it was appropriate to poke at the border wall, queso cheese dip, as well as a Texas fast-food institution known as Whataburger.

It was reported by the Dallas Morning News that the show “Texas: Too Big to Fail?” shot to present “alternative facts” about Texas during the halftime show while the Stanford Cardinal played Texas Christian University. The announcer explained that the was “sponsored by The Onion and the White House Press Office.” This equated the Trump administration’s communications with the American people to a big joke internet webpage. 

An announcer from the marching band spoke over the speaker system in the Alamo Dome stating, “Texas has nothing unique about it. Everything is super normal here!”

Another announcer stated, “Yep. For instance, we all know and love water burger- a fast-food chain that apparently only serves water. And of course, there’s queso, the popular sports drink that Texans use as a refreshing alternative to Gatorade, yum.”

There were also digs at President Trump’s wall. Between the wall digs and the Whataburger digs, there were tons of boos. But, the marching band also poked at the TCU mascot, the horned frog… then they took it further when they poked at Christmas too.


It goes without saying that the marching band received a lot of negative attention on social media.

It probably doesn’t surprise you that this wasn’t the first time that Stanford’s marching band put themselves in a sticky situation. They were actually banned by the university from performing its skits on road games in the 2015 season. The reason was due to many issues which related to alcohol and hazing. The ban was lifted at the 2016 Rose Bowl, where University of Iowa fans booed the skit which included references to cow-tipping and the dating site FarmersOnly.com

One TCU fan spoke out about what was so disturbing about the Trump and Texas hating halftime show.

Luckily, Stanford had to shut up after they were beat by TCU 39-37. Ain’t karma a pretty little lady? The Stanford marching band should have learned from their previous mistakes, but as @Tperkins12 explained via Twitter, these are the kind of people who got Trump elected with their disgusting displays. Sometimes it really seems as though liberals will never learn.