New England Liberals Shut Down Coal Power Plants… Now They’re at Risk of Freezing

Kirsters Baish| After years of leftist environmentalism having been forced down the throats of power companies in New England, energy suppliers are now having trouble fulfilling the demands of local residents who are looking to simply stay warm during such intensely cold winter weather.

The Hartford Courant reported this past week, “Officials at ISO-New England, operators of the region’s power grid, said energy demands during the recent arctic weather have placed major pressures on energy generators, forcing power companies to rely more on coal and oil to produce electricity.”

The Courant also explained that even though energy industry officials have been recommending for years that New England should fix its energy issues by at least building new natural gas pipelines, these proposals have “been blocked or withdrawn” mostly because there has been so much opposition from environmental groups.

State and federal regulations haven’t made things any easier. These are the regulations that could be a huge issue for local residents.

ISO-New England spokeswoman Marcia Blomberg emailed Boston station WCVB and explained, “Environmental limitation on how much, or whether, some oil-fired power plants will be able to generate electricity could become a concern this week and for the remainder of the winter.”

From the sounds of it, this plan isn’t going to benefit anyone. In order to truly understand what is going on in New England, it is important to understand exactly how the area got to where they are now.

Lindsey Konkel was writing for Scientific America four years ago. She explained that “stringent environmental regulations and a steep drop in the cost of natural gas” pushed New England officials to move away from using coal and go towards using natural gas.


Konkel wrote, “In 2000, coal accounted for roughly 18 percent of the region’s electricity generation while natural gas accounted for about 15 percent. In 2012, just 3 percent of New England’s electricity was generated by coal, while 52 percent came from natural gas.”

The need for natural gas isn’t entirely a bad thing, however. But, the real issue remains that the decreased reliance on coal is a big problem. The ironic part is that the left has constantly complained about the gas too.

Konkel quoted an attorney for the Boston-based Conservation Law Foundation, N. Jonathan Peters, who said, “Natural gas is killing coal plants, but more natural gas infrastructure may be adverse to health and climate in the long run.”

This is the very reason that numerous pipeline projects have met their end over the last few years. This included one pipeline project which the Daily Caller noted “would have expanded an existing New England pipeline and was expected to save customers $1 billion a year.”

I think you see the big issue here. Liberals in New England don’t want to deal with coal anymore, but the problem is that they don’t want much to do with natural gas either. Thanks to these leftists’ lack of vision, New England power companies are pushed to their limits and functioning at full capacity. They are almost unable to provide residents with heat.

As of Saturday, the temperature in Boston is down to 10 degrees Fahrenheit. The estimated low is -6.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the New England power companies are able to stay operational through the terrible weather. We can’t know what is going to happen at this point, but let’s keep the residents of New England in our prayers.