New Report Claims Dems Lied About Tax Bill… Middle Class Gets Huge Cuts

Kirsters Baish| Time and time again, we have seen lies in Washington being exposed. One might wonder how the Left is getting away with blatantly lying to the American people. Well, the wall of lies has begun to come crashing down, and it doesn’t look pretty. Another Democrat narrative has just been cracked wide open.

The Democratic Party has been caught in one of their biggest lies yet. It has been reported that they lied with their recently passed GOP tax reform bill. They made claims that the middle class of America would not be seeing any tax cuts. The problem? Based on new information, we are left realizing that this is entirely untrue.

The middle class will be getting the biggest portion of the large range of tax cuts.

Cato Institute reported:

The Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) has released its distributional analysis of the final Republican tax bill. The bill provides even larger percentage cuts for middle earners than previous versions of the legislation.

The table below takes estimated payroll and excise taxes out of the JCT data. It shows individual and corporate income tax cuts as a percentage of estimated individual and corporate income taxes paid under current law. Middle-income households will receive by far the largest percentage income tax cuts in 2019.


The Washington Examiner also reported on these ridiculous lies from the Democratic Party. This week, the Dems made an attempt at a new approach in their war against the Republican Party tax cut bill. The Washington Examiner wrote that they were caught “lying by omission.”

Starting on Monday, leaders of the Democratic Party released a talking point which stated that the tax reform bill would actually be raising taxes for 86 million middle-class households in our country. This goes against what the GOP claimed. They had originally stated that the bill would reduce taxes for most Americans.

Pelosi spoke out on Tuesday and stated, “Today, we face a GOP tax scam that raises taxes on 86 million middle-class families.”

This statement was made numerous times without any real clarification.

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (Democrat, Maryland) stated while on the House floor, “History will indeed remember this vote. Future generations of Americans will remember who cast their votes to raise taxes on 86 million middle-class households.”

It seems as though the Democrats are continually trying to hide facts in their statements because their statement is based on one single part of the Tax Policy Center’s analysis of the GOP bill. This focused on what would happen in ten years (2027) following the expiration of the individual tax cuts.

The immediate impact of the GOP bill, which will be implemented in 2018, will be huge tax cuts for masses of Americans… even though the Democrats promised that this would not be the case. I guess it just goes to show that no matter what they claim, no matter what they insist, the Democrats cannot be trusted.