One MSNBC Host Went Off Script to Admit the Truth That No Trump-Hater Wants to Hear

Kirsters Baish| I’ve posted many articles explaining how the Leftist mainstream media is out to get President Trump by any means necessary, but this article is a little bit different than the rest. Today is going to go down in history as a day that will be remembered as an amazing moment during Donald Trump’s presidency.

The Left has made their agenda very clear. They have shown their hand like a crappy game of cards, and they have proven that they think they can get their way by kicking and screaming. They’ve acted like a bunch of petulant children who want what they can’t have. They already lost the presidency, but they can’t seem to let that go either.

Today will go down in history as the day that one member of the Liberal media actually admitted that President Trump was right about something. WHO WOULD HAVE EVER THOUGHT?! Joe Scarborough, the host of Morning Joe, went on air and cited a New York Times article that expressed the bias that the Liberal media displays.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Universities have turned millennials into whining little brats. The Left wants to claim acceptance of all races, sexes, genders, and creeds, but they don’t accept white Christians. This is a complete hypocrisy within the Democratic Party.

Nicholas Kristof’s quote that appeared in the New York Times article proves that even Liberals are starting to realize the error of their ways. Now, it’s not clear quite yet if this is just another Leftist tactic to get on the good side of Republicans or if they truly are starting to see the light, but we can’t just ignore the fact that a normally biased news show actually said something negative about their own party. 

Scarborough explained that within universities there are serious issues with the fact that there is a feeling of unity when students all ban together. They use the Liberal mindset as a way to unite themselves, which causes them to become as Scarborough called it “intellectually flabby.” Ouch, definitely not what Liberals wanted to hear. Although, it was extremely necessary for them to hear it. Why can the Left get away with discriminating against white Christians, but when they see Republicans discriminating against Muslims they jump on the offensive? There is too much hypocrisy, and the fact that Scarborough admitted it proves that the Left has a lot to work on.

Scarborough went on to explain that a large problem within the Liberal community of university campuses is the fact that these students keep surrounding themselves with those who have very similar mindsets as they do. This creates a huge issue for these students to ever strengthen their arguments or become better at debating why they believe in what they believe in.

It’s nice to finally see a Liberal in the mainstream media calling out their own party for their flaws, rather than bashing the opposite side for every little thing. Joe Scarborough made serious history today, and we won’t let the Left ignore it.