Owner Who Banned Muslims From Gun Range Now Running for Governor

Kirsters Baish| One conservative woman is making big waves in the political world. Jan Morgan made headlines when she decided to ban all Muslims from her gun range, but is now making headlines for a different reason. She has decided to run for Governor of Arkansas. The owner of the Gun Cave Indoor Firing Range in Hot Springs made the announcement on December 31, 2017 that she would indeed be in the running. Conservatives everywhere are showing their support for the outspoken beauty.

Morgan will be going up against incumbent Asa Hutchinson in the Republican primary this year. Hutchinson was elected into office in 2014.

Morgan has been open about her criticism of Hutchinson. She has been quoted by the Texarkana Gazette having said that the governor “campaigns like a conservative Republican but governs like a liberal Democrat.”

Before Morgan made the announcement that she would be in the running for governor, she was in the spotlight back in 2014. Fox News reported that Morgan directly called out radical Islamic extremists and banned all Muslims from coming to her firing range.

Morgan’s own website, JanMorganMedia, had a piece that she wrote about the matter. Morgan explained her decision by saying, “I refuse to train the next Islamic terrorist.”

Morgan cited her obvious safety concerns and wrote that the religion of Islam in general represents and promotes a “theocracy, terrorist organization, not a religion.”

It wasn’t surprising that Morgan’s story got a lot of attention. The Washington Post published a pretty long (and mostly fair) interview with Morgan. The Arkansas Times reported that Morgan has been fighting for the Second Amendment for quite some time now, and will most likely make it a top issue for her campaign while running for governor.


Morgan has explained that she has big plans which include hosting an event near the end of January the will allow her to address voters and talk about the issues that they care the most about.

If Morgan is elected as Governor of Arkansas, she would be the first female governor in that particular state. She would be an obvious advocate for numerous conservative issues. Her candidacy would make her name explode in national politics.

We are not sure yet how Morgan will compare to Hutchinson or if she truly stands a chance, but we can definitely see that it’s going to be an interesting battle. This Republican primary will truly be one for the books.

The video below shows Morgan appearing on Fox Business speaking about the Second Amendment: