Another Democrat Found Guilty of Stealing From Kids

December 6, 2017

Elder Patriot – Another once highly esteemed politician has been discredited politician and sentenced to federal prison for stealing from our children but the announcement of her sentence wasn’t greeted by much outrage from the […]

Feinstein Confirms Dems Barreling Towards Oblivion

December 4, 2017

Elder Patriot – The Democrats are barreling towards a cliff of their own making and they appear to be committed to charging headlong over it. Yesterday the ranking Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Dianne […]

Game On: House Intel Committee Finds FBI in Contempt

December 3, 2017

Elder Patriot – When Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer told Rachel Maddow that the intelligence community had “six ways to Sunday” to restrain President Trump’s agenda he was signaling that leaders within the various intel […]

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